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Jill Lublin
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“It is in the shelter of each other that the people live” — Irish proverb

The United States is made up of countless ethnic, racial, religious, and other groups. In addition, groups exist within groups. These groups are what we will call specialized groups.

Specialized groups have become powerful marketers. They have spawned a dedicated media and provide internal support systems for their people. Some of the largest and most prominent groups are the Evangelical Christian, Hispanic, and LGBTQ markets. However, many other specialized markets exist that are based on racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, and social limes.

“It is essential to understand the cultural landscape you target”, Elena Miranda, publisher of Vision Hispana newspaper, points out. “Anyone who seeks publicity must know the audience he or she wants to address.” Then they must find the best way to reach that audience. For example, if you’re selling Peruvian food products, learn what organizations and publications serve that market. Learn about special events or celebrations where you could set up a booth to sell or publicize your products.

Reaching specialized groups is important because they have a number of organizations, networks, and events that are fertile grounds for word-of-mouth publicity. “Word-of-mouth publicity is highly effective,” notes Bob Witeck, President of Witeck Communications Inc. in Washington, DC. “It is the safest and most effective way for members of specialized communities to give each other news and information.” Members are closely connected so they put more stock in recommendations from fellow community members. If you can get your product or service publicized in a specialized publication, you are all but guaranteed to have the news of its release spread through that group.

“When we’re overloaded with information, we often go back to who we trust,” Witeck observes. “For Many, the most trusted channel lies within their own community.”

A great place to start building a support base for your product or service is within your own specialized group — be it ethnic, religious, or other. Capitalize on your connections within the group and market your relatability to its media demographic. If you are able to create a foundation within your community, it will continue to support you through the lifespan of your product or service.


Gain Internal Support: When you belong to a specialized group, the members of that group can be your greatest, most ardent supporters. Since you’re one of their own, they will take pride in your success and will eagerly help you. When their members do well, it can benefit the community. Therefore, group members will show great devotion and go to unusual lengths to help other members succeed.

Utilize Chambers of Commerce: Throughout the country, these specialized groups have been formed to serve different communities such as Hispanic, African-American, and Asian, among others. These Chambers are dynamic organizations that are dedicated to helping their members boost their business. They collaborate with the mainstream Chambers in their areas and can be especially helpful because they understand the unique challenges faced by members of their communities and share solutions that work.

Specialized media Outlets: Specialized groups are served by all types of media (television, radio, print, Internet sites, blogs, and podcasts). the major difference between specialized media and mass media is that specialized media focuses on specific communities’ issues, and the various specialized outlets also have extremely loyal and devoted audiences. This can work to your advantage because audiences are more likely to support items that the specialized media promotes or recommends.

Take the Services Approach: Specialized groups usually offer programs for community members that outsiders are not eligible to receive. Many have educational, financial, business, health, welfare, and social programs specially designed for their members. If you have access to such programs within your specialty group, use them!

Venture Out: If you are an outsider to a specific specialized group, explore how you could promote your item within that group. It could be a ripe, untapped market to pursue. Be aware that the usual methods and approaches you take may not be suitable for all markets.

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